Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter weekend

i hope that everyone had a great weekend! we did... we escaped to my neck of the woods, simpson county. i just love going "home." (by the way, i consider antigua and harrisville my homes.) also, i had my first days without nausea this weekend. it was SOOOO great to feel somewhat normal! i have only had a couple of spells since then, too. i'll be 14 weeks on thursday, so technically, i'm in my second trimester! let me go ahead and start sharing pictures from the weekend... there are lots!

here we are right after supper at the fish house.

gage was too goofy to take a sweet sibling photo
papaw = the best.
playing with his birthday presents from me and ben
rivers spent the night with me friday night... we had a blast! she cracks me up! and friday was also her 7th birthday. =( that makes me feel old.
saturday was such a pretty day that we chose to dye & hide eggs instead of sunday

his pride and joy... the scooter he got for his birthday
aw man! i had a wreck!
cool dude
ready to hunt eggs! turn us loose!

eating some of the eggs for a snack

me and punkies

eating at the fish house... again.
mom and papaw after church on sunday

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Julianna said...

I wanna see a pic of the progression!!! I'm getting anxious!!! (: