Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dear sweet baby peanut

dear sweet baby peanut,

i started calling you that when you actually did look like a peanut. now you don't, but i still like the term "peanut."

i've been meaning to start writing to you for a while now. i wanted to tell you about how we found out that you were coming, and a few things that happened after.

your daddy and i went on a little trip to california in the beginning of february, and while we were there, i started feeling like something was different. by the time we got home, i couldn't even drive home without stopping by the store and taking a test. when the result was positive, i told your dad that i didn't believe it, but i don't think that i could stop smiling the whole way home! i went to the doctor the next day, and what do you know... you were definitely there... i called your dad to tell him that it was "written in stone." by the way, i should tell you that your daddy was immediately beaming and full of excitement that you are coming. for the first couple of weeks, every other word out of his mouth was, "baby."

the first person to find out (besides the ladies at the dr. office) was miss natalie. she helped me pick out the cutest gift to give to your grandparents. (i will try to have a cool name for you to call them before you get here!) that night, they came over to our house, and they opened the gift. it was a frame for a sonogram picture that says, "grandbaby on board!" they didn't say much at first (i don't think it clicked for a minute), but then they were all smiles and SO happy that you are on your way! and because of the town that we live in... news pretty much started spreading within the next couple of weeks.

i was really sick from those first couple of weeks until this weekend. it was such a great easter present for my nausea to go away! now i can sit back and enjoy you growing! i can't feel you yet, but the dr. says that i should soon. from the looks of you on the last sonogram, i can't believe i haven't felt you already! you little booger, you weren't still the entire time we were looking at you. and let me just go ahead and ask you to PLEASE cooperate with us the next time we look at you. if you don't, we will have to visit the bathroom and have a talk.

i guess that's about it for now. i will try to start writing you more often. i love you lots!!


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