Sunday, April 19, 2009

14 week check up

i had a doctors appointment on friday. ben went with me, hoping to hear the heartbeat. we usually don't have to wait long at all when we get there, but we waited for a little while before we were called back. THEN they told us that dr. lacy was in labor and delivery, and they would let us know when she got back. so we waited, and waited, and waited. i think the longer we waited, the more ben started freaking out about my exam that day. so, by the time she told me that we could start everything, ben was ready to go. SO, i got to hear my sweet baby's heartbeat, but daddy didn't. =) poor thing, he felt so bad after, and promised to always endure the doctor's appointments from now on, no matter how uncomfortable he got. something about men and obgyn's. =) but everything checked out good so far. heartbeat was pretty high, but in the normal range. i think she said 155, maybe? at this point, everyone is predicting that it's a girl. ben told me on the way home that he was so sure of it, that we could paint the room pink. =) we went to reed's and belk after the appointment hoping to buy a pink RL polo outfit (and hoping we didn't have to later exchange for a blue one!), but couldn't find what i wanted in a newborn size, so i decided to wait. pictures to come of my belly soon, i promise. everytime i think about it, i'm already in pajamas. hope everyone had a great weekend!

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