Tuesday, March 10, 2009

clean water!!

this morning, i was reading this post by RumorQueen and i thought, "surely this can't be right." i thought maybe i was reading something wrong, or misunderstanding. so i followed her link to this article, and read it 3 times to make sure i understood! apparently, there was a large donation made to a child's right, and they are going to reach their goal in providing every orphanage in china with a water filtration system! i know that many times, the adoptive parents find worms, giardia, developmental delays, or other health issues because of dirty drinking water. i started tearing up, right there in the office. i know that would take a LOT of money, and i'm so thankful that people were willing to give, and that the organization is carrying through with the project! thank you jesus for providing clean water for my chinese princess!!

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