Thursday, March 12, 2009

baby bump?

i haven't blogged much about my pregnancy lately. not a whole lot to say except that i have been sick, sick, sick. i finally got all of my medical records moved to the doctor that i will be using, so that was a relief. i have my first appointment with her on friday, the 20th. i will have another sonogram on thursday, the 19th. i have a VERY small baby bump, so i thought that this picture was appropriate. =) i've decided that one of the worst feelings is when you are SOOOOO incredibly hungry, but the minute you put food in your mouth, you feel sick. it's like a little glimpse of what torture is like. tonight, i was able to eat a good supper. i made poppy seed chicken for some friends that have never had it before. it went over well. also made my favorite grape salad and some other stuff. we'll see if it stays down. i was so sick yesterday that i finally took a nausea pill, and slept until lunch today, even though i only took 1/2. those things throw me for a loop. this morning when my alarm went off, it was like i couldn't even lift my head from my pillow. my whole body felt weighed down. needless to say, ben had to call my boss and tell him that i couldn't come in this morning. today, i'm 9 weeks! woohoo! =) i think i'm gonna be a little sad if she tells me that i'm behind a week. oh well... as long as everything is ok.

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