Saturday, March 21, 2009

10 weeks

all went great at my doctor's appointment yesterday! i love, love, love, love, love this doctor! she was so easy to talk to, gave me great advice and tips. we talked about the whole 40 weeks, then labor and delivery. she had me sign a paper saying that i want an epidural already. i just feel SO much better about this whole thing. my nausea has eased up a lot. she told me i was at the peak of my first trimester, and would be going downhill from here, so that my nausea should be getting better everyday. i bought some sour candies at the grocery store last night, and thanks to everyone who told me to eat sour things.... it REALLY works!

we got some great sonogram pictures on thursday. little baby was kicking up a storm and swinging it's arms. even arched it's back, then threw itself down several times. i was like great... this will be like the most active baby ever, in my little body. but it was really cute. ben was surprised to see the whole shape... head, arms, legs, fingers, everything. i didn't think to tell him how big it would be and what all he would see. right now it's the size of a kumquat....
we couldn't believe that it was in such a great position for us to see. the tech was able to get all of the measurements right off, and she said that the heartbeat was perfect. i measured where i thought i would be... 10 weeks. they kept my due date october 15th.


The Sasser Crew said...

OK, not sure how I missed this! I'm adding your blog to mine so that I can stay informed. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you guys!!!!!

Carla said...

OMG - your due date is the same due date for my 2nd child - Samuel. :)

Love those first visits!!!! I hope you are feeling as good as to be expected, and feeling those "symptoms" that lets you know everything is A-OK.