Sunday, February 8, 2009

welcome to california

we've been having a great time so far! we got to our hotel yesterday about 2:30 (california time), and were starving, so everyone went to eat at a pizza buffet close to our hotel. after that, we went with 2 other couples to "old sacramento" for some shopping. which most of that shopping was only for souvenirs. last night, we were taken to a nice restaurant, where the food was great. one thing that i love about being here is how everyone is so proud of their wine, and most people have a real appreciation for it. it's so interesting to all of us, learning about the different famous vineyards, wines, etc. hopefully tomorrow we will get to tour a vineyard close by. most of my close friends know that i was already a wine lover. so anyway, so far so good. i'll write more later. i haven't gotten any great pictures so far, but i will keep trying!

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