Thursday, February 5, 2009

california or dc??

yea... that's right. california. saturday morning. 6am. does 6am really exist?? i'm not sure. =)

we have a farm bureau national convention in sacramento this weekend. i'm a little excited, and a little nervous. i've been so busy trying to get work done to leave (at work and home) and also trying to squeeze in all of the hair appointments that i can, so i have been a bad blogger lately. i'm sure i will have some cool pictures to post while i'm gone. hope everyone has a great weekend!

i hate posting without a picture, so here goes....

this is TOTALLY random. we knew that ben had a great uncle (or cousin was it?) named john marshall, and that he was a pretty big deal in washington. we didn't realize that he was such a HUGE deal until we got there and saw all of the dedications to him, some of his things, sculptures, etc. apparently he was the 1st chief justice of the USA! how cool, huh? we were walking around the supreme court building like we owned the place... HA! (you know that's a lie!) but seriously, if you ever go to the supreme court building, on the bottom floor (where the gift shop is), there's the most stuff about him.

it was a little creepy how much ben's dad looks like the pictures of him

i kinda wish i was going back to d.c. instead of cali. =(

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