Thursday, January 22, 2009

pretty afternoon

we had a fairly warm afternoon today.  when i got home from work, i took syd outside to play, and i also wanted to try out one of my camera lenses.  =)  i took these with a canon 75-300mm 1:4-5.6.  if that makes any sense at all... because i'm just simply copying what i'm reading on the side of it.  i have no idea what it means  =)  my intention was to stay on the porch, so i wanted a large zoom, but i ended up getting down on the ground with her because i couldn't keep her attention standing so far away.  i also had to shoot in sports mode.

i love her little pose in the last picture.  shows her attitude.  =)

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mommyrg said...

yeah, I think they look like us, some.Debbi started the blog. We have to weigh in weekly, thats why its private. hehe :) Your pics look awesome,you should start a photography buisness! :)