Saturday, January 24, 2009

good things come to those who wait

i read something a few days ago that made me a little upset.  probably because i don't understand the whole adoption process yet, but i read that a batch of referrals came out a few days ago, and the families log in dates with the ccaa were march 1, 2006.  am i reading right??  almost 3 years just for a referral?????  i mean, i thought the whole process would be completed in about 3 years or a little over.  wow, God will be teaching me some serious patience through this whole thing one day.  =(


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashia, Unfortunately the process is long and getting longer and longer if you go the China route (healthy baby). It could by the time you get in the system be coming back down. I think Log in (LID) when all your paperwork is completed and sent to China - a referral is OVER 3 years. That is why we switched, the wait was growing several months for each month that passed.

We should all really go to lunch some time after church.

Carla said...

Yes, it's over 3 years at the moment and growing for NSN. Our original LID was 9/14/2006 - and I expect, that I would have waited 4-5 years for a NSN referral. I do believe, that as people drop out of the NSN program that the wait will decrease, but the days of 5 months to referral are over for China.