Thursday, January 1, 2009

christmas fun

fi'm going to try to start from the beginning to post some pictures and tell about our christmas activities. 

first of all, my mom has an ornament party every year the first week of december.... 
me & sydney opening the one i picked... a cute little snowman.

on the 8th, we went to see casting crowns, natalie grant, avalon, michael english, and denver and the mile high orchestra.  i think it was the "peace on earth" tour.  it was the first christmas concert that i'd ever been to, and it was wonderful!!
the whole gang

no men allowed on this trip!

me and melanie.
natalie grant.  i just love her.

on the 16th, we had our walk to emmaus christmas party.  if you have ever heard of walk to emmaus, i encourage you to go.  if not, and you want to know more, ask me!  (sorry no pictures.)

if i'm remembering right, we didn't have another event until the 20th, when a friend of mine got married.
congrats to brad & jessica!
me and ann marie (one of my friends since childhood.)

the 21st, we had our youth christmas party.  i have a lot of pictures from that but they will be on facebook, and i don't feel like uploading them twice!  

on the 24th, ben, sydney, and i headed north to indiana, hoping to have a snow-filled christmas, but didn't.  =)  we still had a great time.  i took TONS of pictures, but here are a few...

steve couldn't stay awake.  we were surprised he didn't fall out of his chair.

george got 2 lumps of coal from me and ben. =) (and something else!)

syd gettin into her bag.
punks with all her goodies.

mom and her gps.  she was SO excited.

george reads us all a card from eric and sarah

steve and his favorite... candy!

ben and hogan's heroes.

yummy, thanks mommy.

relaxin after opening all the presents.

george trying to be hannah montana.

steve and the hannah montana wig

trying to introduce sydney and bo.  syd was a little scared.

our gingerbread house.  fun and cute, but disgusting.

george and mary.

ben helped to put screens in the windows. (they just moved in not too long ago.)

yea.  so much for snow.  =(

emma kate.

new years post soon to follow!  that's a WHOLE other story.  =)

have i mentioned that my sweet hubby has satalite internet ordered for our house??  the man can't install until (hopefully) next week.  i guess ben didn't think about that because he went ahead and cancelled our phones and dial-up.  =)  so i have to post when i can!!  =)

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Carla said...

did that really say 70 degrees?!

We made that same Gingerbread house...disgusting is right! LOL the kids enjoyed watching us put it together as it was definitely NOT little kid friendly.

Looks like you had a FUN December!!!