Friday, December 19, 2008

25 random things

someone tagged me to do this on facebook, so i thought i would post my answers on here since i haven't blogged in several days....

1. my favorite color is pink, but my favorite color to wear is purple.

2. i would move to another country, state, or city in a heartbeat. and not necessarily because i'm unhappy where i am. i just love adventure.

3. i can't stand (i mean dispise!!) seeing or hearing anyone clip their nails. i hate clipping my own nails, but i do it! and if i see a nail that didn't make it's way into the trash can, i gag.

4. i seriously don't mind the smell of a skunk.

5. sweet little me was suspended from school for a week in the 10th grade. unbelievable, i know. =)

6. my absolute favorite song of all time is "kiss the rain" by billie myers.

7. the above song reminds me of one of my favorite shows "dawson's creek."

8. i love quotes. about love, life, anything.

9. i wish that i would've never quit ballet. i really think i coulda made it to the alpha company with ballet magnificat.

10. my chihuahua, sydney halo, is one of my 2 obsessions.

11. my other obsession is adoption, especially from china. as soon as ben and i are both 30, our paperwork will be sent in. i absolutely cannot wait. (at least that's what we're hoping for and planning!)

12. i hate taking baths. i can't relax. it just makes me feel nauseated. i will take showers for the rest of my life!

13. i LOVE to cook, but only when i can take my time. i don't like rushing home to prepare something quick.

14. i have a very bad habbit of biting my lower lip.

15. i am NOT athletic, by any stretch of the imagination.

16. there are so many places all over the u.s. (and world) that i want to visit... it's impossible to name them all!

17. my favorite place in the whole world is antigua, guatemala.

18. i hate to talk on the phone. i'd rather talk in person, instant message, or text.

19. i'm an all-around lazy person.

20. one of my goals is to learn how to play the guitar.

21. i hate valentine's day. it's full of expectations. why do men have to wait until then to do
something romantic? i don't think so...

22. if i could have any car i wanted, i would get a volvo, bmw, or mercedes suv.

23. ben and i love to entertain. that's one reason why we want to build a fairly large house. parties? all the time!! are you invited? sure! come on over! =)

24. my christmas present this year was a canon rebel xsi. i'm feeling a little overwhelmed, since i've only had it for a day. but i think i'm doing pretty good for a beginner. national geographic,
here i come! (HA, yea right!!!!!!)

25. (wow, i didn't think #25 would ever get here!) ben and i went to washington d.c. on vacation this year, and had a blast! i LLLOOVEEEE d.c. so much to do, city is clean, love the public transportation, people are nice, felt safe, and sightseeing is mostly free. i hope to go back very soon!

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