Sunday, November 23, 2008


i have just now made myself sit down and upload some pictures from the camera to the computer.  here's a little of what we've been doing....

soybean harvest

some friends over for dinner... boyd, amanda, clayton, and olana

in the car on the way to jackson

several weeks ago, ben had left his maui jim sunglasses laying on our bed.  not knowing this, i put sydney in our room, and closed the door, while ben was in the shower.  needless to say, his sunglasses were totally destroyed.  he was mad at me for "letting" her get ahold of them, and i was mad at him for leaving them out of their case, and on the bed.  =)  i wish i had a picture of them.  well, problem is solved now.  he received his brand new pair last week, and in the bag was a cookie for sydney.  she won after all!  =)

mississippi state vs. arkansas-
our new score board

paying tribute to everyone in the military, and veterans

a beautiful day in starkville, mississippi

tonka, our mascot

touchdown, woohoo!!!

sydney's recliner got moved, but she still claims it!

my tree is up, and i'm SOOOOO glad!  =)

more to come!  i can't believe it's thanksgiving time already!!!!  hope everyone has a GREAT and SAFE week!!

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