Thursday, November 6, 2008

my praise report of the year

many of you know, i've been having some really serious stomach problems this whole year. today was my follow up appointment to discuss all of my test results. i started getting really nervous while we were in there, because the nurse pracitioner was telling me all of the things that they tested for, and that they had thought that it was. all kinds of serious diseases that would have really effected my life. my main reason for finally breaking down and going to the doctor was that my mom and i thought that i had inherited a genetic disease called celiac spru (which her and my grandmother had). well, drum roll please..................................................... ALL results were negative! and as far as my blood work looks, i will most likely never develop celiac. they said i could have a sensitivity to lactose products (which i don't think that i do), and i have the symptoms of ibs. so, they put me on some medicines, talked to me about my eating habbits, gave me some suggestions, and sent me home, with no need to come back unless i want to. i will somehow have to get refills on my medicines, but i'm sure my local family doctor will do that for me. just wanted to give y'all the final "stomach update." =)

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Julianna said...

dudddde. i never knew about this! Wow! My mom has REALLY bad stomach problems, and it got really serious for awhile, they were talkin about takin out her colin & stuff. Anyway! I had no idea! But.. Praise the Lord, huh?! That's great! I love you. Thanks for today. (: