Wednesday, November 5, 2008

making plans

well, i can't believe that i've gone this long without even mentioning the election! i'm so proud of myself, and my big mouth for staying shut for once! =) let me just throw my opinion in there since everyone else has. =) i won't go into all my views on issues or anything, but all i will say is that i've very disappointed in the outcome. i also can't stand the thought that SO many people didn't exercise their right to vote. it really makes me mad!!!! (i could vent for a long time about this, but i think i will save that for another day.) i'm worried about the direction that america is headed. i never thought that there would be such a liberal man as president. but, there's nothing that i can do now, except to hope for the best. i am not excited about the next 4 years from a political standpoint. but like i told my best friend (who is an obama supporter), i didn't really like either candidate this year. mccain is a moderate, and i don't feel like he took a stand like he should've (on issues) for being the republican candidate. anyways........... enough of all of that crap. could everyone just quit talking about it, now that i have made my peace with it?? that would be great, thanks. =) (j/k!!)

i am, however, excited about what the next four years holds for ben and i. everyone is trying to plan for the future with our new president, so i thought i would share my general plans, too! =) hopefully, we will get to build our house, and have started on a little family. i would also like to take to take a trip to guatemala within the next 2 years, so ben can see where i grew up. within the next SIX years, i hope to have all of our paperwork sent to china, and bring home a little chinese princess to add to our family. yea, i like to plan ahead. =)

ben was asked to join the state board of young farmers for farm bureau. we are headed to jackson this weekend for orientation. i'm a little nervous... i don't even know if i should wear jeans, khaki's, or black pants! =) i'm not looking forward to sitting through meetings, but this position will be a great experience for us. we've already made some friends through it. they will be sending us on many trips, too. in january we will be going to california, and i'm very excited about that. i wish we could stay longer and visit napa valley. that's my california dream. =) but i'm happy to be going to jackson this weekend. i can't even remember the last time we went down and stayed with my family. saturday night will be lots of fun with my cousins! maybe i'll think to take some pictures.

i can't remember if i posted this already or not, but it's worth saying again if i did.... HARVEST IS OVER!!!! THANK GOD!!! i never thought it would get here!!!!

starting next week, i plan on making room for the christmas tree! oh yes, it will be up soon. not sure what our holiday plans are yet. i know what i hope them to be, though. =) i would love to escape to a cabin somewhere with no phones for a week! we'll see if that happens with my penny-pincher hubby. =) and i'm sure all of the cabins are booked already. =(

i'm breaking tradition this year and not going to the christmas ballet. i have been every year since we moved back to the usa (and i went several times before we moved), and it hurts my feelings that i'm not going this year. but, they used to change up the dances every year, and the past 2 they have been the same. and from the looks of the website, they are doing the same dance again this year! i liked it, but i didn't just love it, so i chose not to get tickets. maybe i can see the nutcracker somewhere. i would love that.

hope everyone has a good rest-of-the-week! be encouraged!

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