Wednesday, November 5, 2008

halloween activities

every year we try to take the kids in the youth group to a nearby church, where they have a judgment house set up every year for a few days, and it's pretty dramatic. my famous words last year were, "gal, i'm so scared that i can't breathe!!" i was not kidding. every year it scares me SOOOOO bad. i'm a big scardy cat anyway, and i HATE scary, gloomy, and dark things. (i was scared for 2 weeks after i saw the dark night. my poor husband had to escort me everywhere. and i mean everywhere!) we went wednesday night, and had a great time. i didn't get to get a picture of the whole group, but this is about half of the ones that went. this was my group...

group #9!

me & clint

me & julianna

friday night, we went to our friends, the rogers, house for a birthday party for my good friend natalie's kids, dixie & kaleb. i dressed up as hannah montana. i had sydney with me, so i probably looked like paris hilton, but one of the guys thought i was britney spears. so who knows who i was!? =)

ben was supposed to wear this fred flinstone costume, but he didn't get to the party in time. i think ziggy had a blast wearing it. this is ziggy and natalie

me, sydney, jennifer, and minnie sitting by the bonfire

my hotdogs have to be just right. i'm concentrating...

nan and hunter were pirates. arg!!

me, syd, and minnie. you can't see her very well, but minnie is half chihuahua, and half maltese. she's SO little and cute!

saturday night, a bunch of friends got together at mom's house to eat different soups (yummy) and hang out. (sorry, no pictures.)

this is one of my good friends, julianna. she was a hobo, and i think she looked amazingly accurate! =) (hahahahahaha, janna, it's STILL making me laugh out loud!) just had to share it with everyone!

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