Friday, November 14, 2008

camera comparison

i went on a trip in june, and on that trip, there was a guy that had a canon rebel xti camera.  every chance i got, i took pictures and checked out the camera, and lenses.  i couldn't believe what good quality the photos were, compared to my little point and shoot camera.

my interest in photography had sky rocketed.

i got home and started researching the xti camera.  i found that the xsi is the newest in the line.  i would love to get a nikon, because i've always heard that they are the best cameras on the market, but the price tags are so much more expensive on nikon products.  

my question to the world is this...  canon or nikon?  and what is a nikon camera that is basically the same as the canon xsi?  or, what kind of digital slr camera do you have?  like it or not?  you get the idea.  =)

i've been begging ben to take me to best buy or somewhere tonight to look at them before i make my decision.  after all, this will probably be my ONLY christmas present, and i want it to be a good one.  =)


Carla said...

CANON! There are some people *cough* who argue that Canon is the better camera.

I shoot 100% canon - camera and lenses. :)

Honestly, though, both are good cameras. Each have strengths and weaknesses...Nikon has a big issue with noise from what I've heard. Noise like at 400ISO that is worse than noise in Canon at 1600ISO.

I think the $5000 model of Nikon fixed that issue, but I doubt you want to go up that high.

The Lindley Family said...

I have a Canon XTi and love it - I went with a Canon and didn't do much comparison shopping mainly because I had a 35mm Canon and the extended zoom lens before digital became big and all of my accessories (zoom lenses and flashes) from my 35mm would work with the digital body. I love my Canon XTi because it is 10 megapixels and I can take pictures quickly (which is great with babies and toddlers!) and I can crop and enlarge as big as I want and the resolution is still perfect! Although I have the XTi, my uncle did some research on the XSi and I would probably go with it if I was buying one today (wasn't on the market when I purchased) because it has the ability to take pictures by looking at the LCD screen which you can't do with the XTi (this is helpful when you get someone to take a picture for you) and I think it has some kind of new internal stabilization. The only downfall to an SLR in my opinion is the size; it is not as easy to carry around as a point and shoot, but the quality of the picture is definitly better. Hope this helps; Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Ok, here's my take on the subject...I started out with the Canon Rebel XT about 5 years ago. Thought it was amazing.....UNTIL I broke down and purchased my Nikon D200 a year and a half ago. NOTHING beats it in my opinion. But I am also about to purchase a D40 or D90 for backup because I have heard SO many great things about these smaller versions and once I tried them, wished I would've gone with one of those models first. It's much lighter and so is the price tag. I think it compares to the newest Canon Rebel (but don't hold me to it).

Good luck with whatever you do decide on. I believe it's really just whatever you get comfortable with in the end. =)