Saturday, November 1, 2008

beyond your tears

my friends know that my latest hobby is reading blogs. i feel kinda like a stalker, but i really enjoy it. =) especially blogs from families that have adopted, or are in the process of adoption. this is my latest tear-jerker....

Beyond Your Tears
(written for Sophie Lu's Birthmother in China)

I imagine you kissed
her sweet face so round
And gently placed her
where she would be found

I imagine your heartache
your pain and your tears
I wish I could show you
and soften your fears

I’d show you a girl
with hope in her eyes
A girl who loves stories
and sweet lullabies

A girl who laughs freely
and loves to play
A girl who sings sweetly
and dances all day

A girl with a future
So funny and smart
A girl who loves music
and reading and art

A girl who I hope
has your courage one day
I know it took courage
to love and walk away

Her beautiful smile
I wish you could see
She looks like you
and laughs like me

So, imagine her laughter
Imagine her touch
I wish I could show you
she’s loved so much

Remember her face
Remember that kiss
And when you cry,
remember this

Beyond your tears
Beyond your pain
Sometimes the sun
shines through the rain

And I know that she’ll ask me
about you one day
I’ll tell her you loved her
and wished she could stay

I’ll help her remember
and imagine you, too
when she starts to wonder
and dream about you

We’ll look at the
give her a kiss
and when she cries,
I’ll tell her this

Beyond your tears
Beyond your pain
Sometimes the sun
shines through the rain

by Shana Rae
proud Mommy of Sophie Lu

isn't that beautiful!?!?!?!? it really captures the heart of adoption. this poem and picture of sophie lu (taken at 21 months) were featured in a coffee table book that the "love without boundaries foundation" published. it's called "love's journey 2: the red thread." they are featured on pages 184 and 185 of this book...

you can also read more about little sophie lu and her family at...

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