Tuesday, September 30, 2008

welcome to life

SOOOO much has been going on lately.  the biggest thing going on in my mind is that i had a doctors appointment yesterday a gastrologist.  i've had some pretty rough stomach problems since the beginning of the year, but was just now brave enough to do something about it!  =)  he ordered a lot of blood work, and i have a colonoskapy (spelling?) done this coming tuesday.  he's thinking that it's either celiac spru (a genetic disease that my grandmother had and my mother has), or something that can be treated with antibiotics.  right now they are trying to find out and also check for polyps, cysts, etc.

i'm working an emmaus walk this weekend.  i'm excited because i know that God will do a lot of things in everyone's lives, however, i have to admit that i'm NOT excited about leaving ben and sydney to find out what God will do.  i'm trying to be enthusiastic, i promise!

september was full of stuff... every weekend, i believe.  sometimes it was something every night!  hopefully october will be a bit slower, since i know as soon as thanksgiving hits, the ball won't stop rolling until after new years!!

sometimes i wonder why in the world i commit myself to so many things at one time.  but i keep telling myself that this is how it's gonna be.  it will probably just get busier as time goes by...  "this isn't practice.  this isn't rehearsal.  this is it.  welcome to life."

i will let you know what my test results turn out to be.  be praying!

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